Suspense is a great aphrodisiac as filmmakers throughout the century have proved time and again. There's nothing like getting the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing as a preparation for more pleasurable pursuits. And no filmaker was better at mixing suspense and romance into a potent combination of erotic chills than Alfred Hitchcock.
North by Northwest (1959) was the most popular of Hitchcock's "wrong man" thrillers, following Cary Grant on a cross-country chase, from the United Nations to the top of Mount Rushmore, pursued both by the police and a murderous spy-ring, led by James Mason. Herrmann's overture, a denseley orchestrated fandango built on an alternately franatic and halting South American rhythms, reflected the movies off-center combination of suspense and comedy.

About the Author:
David J. Bondelevitch has studied composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and film production at MIT and USC. He is currently working as a film music editor in Los Angeles and teaching at the USC School of Cinema.

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