Blackmail (1929)

Thriller, Blackmail, Murder
Alfred Hitchcock
Charles Bennett (also play)
Alfred Hitchcock
Benn W. Levy
Director of Photography:
Jack Cox

Young woman kills man who tries to rape her, then finds herself caught between investigating detective (who happens to be her boyfriend) and a blackmailer. Hitchcock's and England's first talking picture is story exciting, especially for fans and students of the director's work. Originally shot as a silent; that version, running 75 minutes, also exists (and is significantly better).

Anny Ondra's voice was dubbed by Joan Barry because she had a thick German accent. Barry had to stand just of the set and read Ondra's lines into a microphone as the film was shot.


Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance being bothered by a small boy on the subway.

Sara Allgood
Mrs. White
Joan Barry (voice
Voice of Alice White
Harvey Braban
Chief Inspector
Donald Calthrop
Hannah Jones
The Landlady
Phyllis Konstam
John Longden
Frank Webber
Anny Ondra
Alice White
Charles Paton
Mr. White
Cyril Ritchard
The Artist
John Stuart



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