The Lodger (1927)

Ivor Novello

Thriller, Serial Killer, Silent
Alfred Hitchcock
Marie Belloc-Lowndes (novel)
Alfred Hitchcock Eliot Stannard
Director of Photography
Baron Ventimiglia

The director's first suspense thriller, with a classic Hitchcockian theme: lodger Novello is accused by jealous detective Keen of being a killer. Memorable finale, in which Novello is chased by a bloodthirsty mob. Also known as The Case of Jonathan Drew. Remade in 1932 (again with Novello), 1944, and in 1954 as Man in the Attic. Look for Hitchcock's first cameo.

Hitchcock wanted an ambiguous ending to the film, but the studio wouldn't allow it to be implied that Ivor Novello might actually be the murderer.


Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance at a desk in the newsroom early in the film. Some people claim he also appears later in the crowd watching the arrest.

Marie Ault
Mrs. Bunting
Arthur Chesny
Mr. Bunting
Daisy Bunting
Malcolm Keen
Joe Betts
Ivor Novello
The Lodger



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