North by Northwest (1959)

Cary Grant
Eva Marie Saint
James Mason

Thriller, Comedy, Road

Alfred Hitchcock

Ernest Lehman

Bernard Herrmann
Director of Photography
Robert Burks

Quintessential Hitchcock comedy-thriller, with bewildered ad-man Grant chased cross country by both spies (who think he's a double agent) and the police (who think he's an assassin). One memorable scene after another, including now-legendary crop-dusting and Mount Rushmore sequences; one of the all-time great entertainments. Witty script by Ernest Lehman, exciting score by Bernard Herrmann.

Jessie Royce Landis played Cary Grant's mother, yet he was 10 months older than her.

The shot of Cary Grant entering the UN building had to be filmed with a hidden camera as Hitchcock wasn't able to get permission to shoot there.

At one point the movie's title was to be "The Man in Lincoln's Nose", referring to the final chase sequence on Mount Rushmore.

At the shooting sequence in Mount Rushmore you can see a small boy covering his ears just before Eva Marie Saint shoots Cary Grant, since he had oviously rehearsed that scene before.


Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance missing a bus at the end of the opening credits.

Leo G. Carroll
The Professor
Philip Coolidge
Dr. Cross
Robert Ellenstein
Licht Ned Glass
Cary Grant
Roger Thornhill
Josephine Hutchinson
Handsome Woman
Martin Landau
Leonard Jessie
Royce Landis
Clara Thornhill
James Mason
Phillip Vandamm
Philip Ober
Lester Townsend
Edward Platt
Victor Larrabee
Eva Marie Saint
Eve Kendall
Olon Soule
Assistant Auctioneer
Les Tremayne
Adam Williams
Pat McVey
Doreen Lang
Nora Marlowe
Malcolm Atterbury
Edward Binns



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