Rope (1948)
James Stewart

Suspense Thriller

Alfred Hitchcock

Patrick Hamilton (play)
Arthur Laurents

Leo F. Forbstein

Director of Photography
Joseph A. Valentine

Two young men kill prep-school friend, just for the thrill of it, and challenge themselves by inviting friends and family to their apartment afterward—with the body hidden on the premises. Hitchcock's first color film was shot in ten-minute takes to provide a seamless flow of movement, but it remains today what it was then: an interesting, highly theatrical experiment. Inspired by the real-life Leopold-Loeb murder case. Patrick Hamilton's play was adapted by Hume Cronyn and scripted by Arthur Laurents.

The film was shot in a series of 8 minute continuous takes (the maximum amount of film that a camera could hold). At the end of each segment the camera zooms in on a dark object, ready to zoom out for the start of the next segment. Most of the props were on castors and the crew had to wheel them out of the way as the camera moved around the set.

Hitchcock only managed to shoot roughly one segment per day. The last 4 or 5 segments had to be completely re-shot because Hitch wasn't happy with the colour of the sunset.


Hitchcock's trademark can be seen on a neon sign in the view from the apartment window.

Joan Chandler
Constance Collier
Mrs. Atwater
John Dall
Douglas Dick
Edith Evanson
Mrs. Wilson
Farley Granger
Cedric Hardwicke
Mr. Kentley
Dick Hogan
David Kentley
James Stewart
Rupert Cadell



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