Saboteur (1942)

Thriller, Road
Alfred Hitchcock
Joan Harrison
Alfred Hitchcock (story)
Dorothy Parker
Peter Viertel
Frank Skinner
Director of Photography
Joseph A. Valentine

Extremely offbeat wartime Hitchcock yarn about a munitions worker who's falsely accused of sabotage and forced to take it on the lam. Full of quirky touches, unusual supporting characters, and some outstanding set-pieces, including famous Statue of Liberty finale… though actual story resolution is unfortunately abrupt. Screenplay by Peter Viertel, Joan Harrison and Dorothy Parker.

Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance about an hour in standing in front of Cut Rate Drugs in New York as the saboteur's car stops

Alan Baxter
Mr. Freeman
Robert Cummings
Barry Kane
Alma Kruger
Mrs. Van Sutton
Otto Kruger
Charles Tobin
Priscilla Lane
Patricia Martin
Norman Lloyd
Kathryn Adams
Murray Alper
Oliver Blake
Anita Bolster
Frances Carson
Billy Curtis
Pedro De Cordoba
Vaughn Glaser
Anita LeDeaux
Dorothy Peterson
Jeanne Roher
Lynn Roher
Ian Wolfe



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