Topaz (1969)

Thriller Spy

Alfred Hitchcock

Samuel Taylor
Leon Uris (novel)

Maurice Jarre

Director of Photography
Jack Hildyard

French Intelligence agent Stafford works with American official Forsythe to dig out info on Russia's involvement in Cuba. Whirlwind plot circles globe, maintains intrigue level; good, not great Hitchcock, scripted by Samuel Taylor from Leon Uris' best-seller. Laser-disc video release includes not one but two alternate endings Hitchcock shot and then decided not to use!

The film was Hitchcock's biggest flop, costing over $4M to make, but taking less than $1M

Leon Uris wrote the first draft of the screenplay, but Hitch declared it unshootable at the last minute and called in Samuel Taylor (writer of Vertigo) to rewrite it from scratch. Some scenes were written just hours before they were shot.


Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance 30 minutes in at the airport getting out of a wheelchair.

Per-Axel Arosenius
Boris Kusenov
Lew Brown
American Official
Roscoe Lee Browne
Philippe Dubois
Lewis Charles
Mr. Mendoza
Roberto Contreras
Karin Dor
Juanita de Cordoba
John Forsythe
Michael Nordstrom
Tina Hedstrom
Tamara Kusenov
Claude Jade
Michele Picard
Sonja Kolthoff
Mrs. Kusenov
Anna Navarro
Mrs. Mendoza
Philippe Noiret
Henri Jarre
Michel Piccoli
Jacques Granville
Don Randolph
Luis Uribe
Carlos Rivas
Dany Robin
Nicole Devereaux
John Roper
Edmond Ryan
George Skaff
Rene d'Arcy
Frederick Stafford
Andre Devereaux
Michel Subor
Francois Picard
Sandor Szabo
Emile Redon
Roger Til
Jean Chabrier
John Van Dreelen
Claude Martin
John Vernon
Rico Parra



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