The Wrong Man (1956)

Henry Fonda
Vera Miles

Alfred Hitchcock
Maxwell Anderson
Angus MacPhail
Bernard Herrmann
Director of Photography
Robert Burks

Unusual Hitchcock film done as semidocumentary, using true story of N.Y.C. musician (Fonda) falsely accused of robbery. Miles is excellent as wife who cracks under strain; offbeat and compelling. Written by Maxwell Anderson and Angus MacPhail.

Although based on a true story, Hitchcock deliberately left out some of the information that pointed to Manny's innocence to heighten the tension.

The "right" man (the real culprit) can be seen several times during the film: outside the Stork Club, in the Victor Moore arcade and near one of the liquor stores where the police take Manny.

Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance narrating the film's prologue. The only time he actually spoke in any of his films.

Henry Fonda
Manny Balestrero
Vera Miles
Rose Balestrero
Anthony Quayle
Frank O'Connor
Harold Stone
Lt. Bowers
John Heldabrand
Doreen Lang
Ann James
Norma Connolly
Betty Todd
Lola D'Annunzio
Olga Conforti
Robert Essen
Gregory Balestrero
Dayton Lummis
Judge Groat
Charles Cooper
Detective Matthews
Esther Minciotti
Mama Balestrero
Laurinda Barrett
Constance Willis
Nehemiah Persoff
Gene Conforti
Kippy Campbell
Robert Balestrero



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