Young and Innocent (1937)

Alfred Hitchcock



Outside the courthouse, holding a camera.

Nova Pilbeam
Erica Burgoyne
Derrick De Marney
Robert Tisdall
Percy Marmont
Col. Burgoyne
Chief Constable
Edward Rigby
Old Will the China Mender
Mary Clare
Erica's Aunt Margaret
John Longden
Det. Insp. Kent
George Curzon
Basil Radford
Erica's Uncle Basil
Pamela Carme
Christine Clay
George Merritt
Detective Sergeant Miller
J.H. Roberts
Henry Briggs, Solicitor
Jerry Verno
Lory Driver at Tom's Hat
H.F. Maltby
Police Sergeant Ruddock
John Miller
Police Constable



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