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Alfred Hitchcock

Here we have a quiet little motel tucked away off the main highway and, as you can see, perfectly harmless-looking, where it has now become known as the scene of the crime. This motel also has an adjunct, an old house, which is, if I may say so, a little more sinister-looking less innocent than the motel itself.
- From the Psycho trailer

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Alfred Hitchcock "The Director" A rear window into the director's life.

Hitchcock Filmography Who was the composer the "Psycho" score? who was Scottie in Vertigo? is Rear Window any good? find this and more in the complete guide to Hitchcock's films.
The Cameos When, where and how of the clasic
Hitchcockian trademark.
The people Meet the people who helped Hitchcock achieve his vision.
Hitchcock's Wit A spoonfull of the director's best quotes.
The Modern Hitchcock The books, the laserdiscs, the tapes and how to get them.
right here in the MH.
The Hitchcock square A place to study Hitchcock from your point of view essays, studies done by the best critics: the audience.
Alfred Hitchcock

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