Appendix: Cue List from North by Northwest

Cue In Out Motif/Mood Time
Overture Music builds under
Leo's roar
Fades out after cut as
Roger exits elevator
Action 2:10
"It's a Most
Unusual Day"
Cut to hotel lobby Cut to restaurant Source :20
Kidnapped Gun is pulled out Roger walks up the
The Door Door to library is
closed on Roger
Van Damm enters Kidnap
"Cheers" Drink is poured Car door is closed Kidnap
"I've Grown
Accustomed to
Your Bourbon"
Roger sings before
car chase
End singing Source :07
Car Crash Crash Dissolve to police Action :18
The Return Dissolve to house Door is opened Van Damm :20
Two Dollars "Roger, pay the $2,"
theyey leave
Taxi stops at the hotel Mother :45
Source Tune Cut to hotel lobby "George Kaplan?" Source :15
"In the Still of
Roger: "You have?" Dissolve to hallway Source :44
The Elevator Roger picks up photo
of Townsend
"You men aren't
going to kill my son,
are you?"
Mother :43
"The UN" Taxi pulls out, is
Roger comes to first
desk at UN lobby
Van Damm 1:00
Information Desk Woman picks up
Roger hands paper to
woman at second
Van Damm :45
The Knife Townsend gets knifed
in the back
Dissolve to "United
States Intelligence
Action :45
Previn Tune Cut to dining car "Know what I
Source 3:30
Interlude "Let me think..." "Drawing room E." Love 1:10
Detectives Eve leaves Cut to room Kidnap :23
Cut to hug Porter enters Love 2:55
Duo Porter leaves Cut to porter Love 1:08
The Station
"YouĠre the smartest
girl I ever spent the
night on a train
Cut to bathroom Journey :50
The Phone
Cut to Eve on pay
Eve meets Roger Kidnap 1:10
Farewell "What's the matter?" Dissolve to crops Love :42
The Crash The crash of the
Dissolve to city Action 1:02
The Reunion Eve opens door "HowĠd it go?" Love :50
Good-bye "I want a favor." "All right, one
Love :50
The Question "Ever kill anyone?" Trousers are taken
Kidnap :40
"Whistlin' in
the Rain"
Roger whistles in
Eve leaves Source :28
The Pad and
the Pencil
Roger exits bathroom Crane away from Eve
and Van Damm
Journey 1:00
The Auction "Good-bye," Roger
"1500" Journey 1:05
The Police Police drag Roger
Into car Journey :22
Airport Dissolve to airport Exit to field Journey :58
The Cafeteria "Blessings on you
Van Damm enters Van Damm 1:10
The Shooting Gunshots in the cafe Car gate opens Kidnap 1:04
The Forest "Hating you," Kiss Professor enters Love 1:20
Flight Eve runs away Dissolve to the
Kidnap :15
The Ledge Professor leaves
hospital room
"Stop!" Journey 1:05
The House Dissolve to cab Climb until voices
are heard
Van Damm 3:08
The Balcony Eve switches on light "It couldnĠt have
been anything."
Kidnap :40
The Matchbox "Over water" Eve looks at room Kidnap 1:55
The Message Leonard drops
"Darling" Kidnap :53
The TV Cut to Roger, they
"Stay where you
Kidnap :35
Airplane Cut to exterior Gunshots Van Damm :58
The Gates Drive away Into next cue Action :45
The Stone Faces Back of monument Into next cue Action 1:06
The Ridge Low angle on stone
Into next cue Van Damm 1:22
On the Rocks Leonard hangs from
Into next cue Action 1:25
The Cliff Roger gets jumped Into next cue Action :35
Finale "Using real bullets" The End Love :35

The Streets First Scene in streets Not used Journey
The Highway Crops Not used Suspense

The Station (Old) Replaced with new Suspense

Car Chase
(Overture used)
"I'll take the bus" Car Crash Action 2:30

Total Music Approximately 52:06