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Alma Reville

Birth Name: Alma Reville

Occupation: Screenwriter

Born: 1900, England

Died: 1982


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Continuity superviser and assistant editor who worked in minor capacities on Hitchcock's first two films, married him in 1926, and subsequently collaborated on most of his scripts. Reville also contributed to other features, notably the Fred Allen vehicle, It's in the Bag (1945).

Alfred Hitchcock's companion for 54 years, Alma Hitchcock wed Hitch December 2 1926, she was his assistant in virtually every production from then on.

In François Truffaut's book-length interview with Hitchcock, Hitchcock mentions several times, that Alma was his harshest critic, and had a great eye for finding out inconsistencies in the rough cut.

Alma and Hitchcock had a daughter Patricia, who had minor roles in Strangers on a Train, and Psycho.