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Saul Bass

Occupation: Title designer also: director, animator

Born: May 8, 1920, New York, NY

Died: April 25, 1996

Education: Art Students League, New York; Brooklyn College, NY


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"Design is thinking made visual" - Saul Bass

Bass revolutionized the design of film title sequences, beginning with Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones (1954). He pioneered the use of animation techniques to achieve a range of psychological and emotional effects unobtainable with conventional straight type. His collaborations with Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock were outstanding, particularly Vertigo (1958), Psycho (1960) and Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965).


Bass/Hitchcock designs:

Vertigo (1958)
Spinning vortex credit design.

North by Northwest (1959)
Lines going up (north) and left (west) credit design.

Psycho (1960)
Lines symbolizing stabbing (knife) credit design, and shower murder design.